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McDONALD'S With McDonald's I can.

Positioning McDonald's as an enabler. Working with Employer Branding agency ThirtyThree, I helped to craft and execute a new Employer Brand for McDonald's.

Why do people work at McDonald’s?
Some people want to improve their prospects. Others want a job that fits round their family life. And some just want to earn a bit of extra cash working with good, friendly people.

Different things work for different people.

And by putting those different people and their different stories front and centre, we wanted to show that no matter who you are, what you need and where you’re going, McDonald’s could be a part of it.
The largest piece of the puzzle was our media campaign, targeting the majority of our target audience – 16 to 24 year olds.

From 15 profile stories, we developed five pre-rolls and a range of online inventory.

We used the negative perception people hold about McDonald’s as a tool to surprise and engage viewers about what a job at McDonald’s could actually offer them.

The videos were distributed across a range of commercial and social channels; and were complemented by a suite of online animated inventory. The videos and banners seamlessly linked up with the newly refreshed McDonald’s recruitment site, meaning that the user journey was consistent and that they could continue interacting with an individual’s story.
The Results:

- Our campaign resulted in a 20% increase in like-for-like hires compared to the previous year.

- The percentage of users who thought that McDonald’s has a positive effect on its workforce increased by 16%

- The percentage of people who thought that McDonald’s prepares its employees for the future increased by 20%

- The percentage of people who think that McDonald’s is a good employer increased by 21%