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EE Are you EE?

What gives EE employees the X-Factor? Working with Employer Branding agency ThirtyThree, I helped to recruit into 6 of EE's Contact Centres nationwide, leading the strategy and implementation of the campaign.

There are lots of misconceptions about what it’s like to work in an EE contact centre.

In fact, you didn't need to be a techy to work there, you don't even need to have sales experience - all you needed was that X-Factor that made you 'EE'.

We researched into what current employees were like, what made them tick. Once we had a good idea of what made EE, well EE, we used those personality traits in our creative.
Being genuine is key, especially in a younger audience - so we wanted to use a channel that exuberated UGC (User Generated Content).

We therefore chose 'Boomerang' to create a large number of films with snappy headlines.

Each film showcased the personalities of what it meant to be EE.

The films were then activated through a national media campaign that covered: online (programmatic, retargeting, Google and Spotify), print, radio, billboards and experiential activity.
The Results:

- Our campaign reached over 850,000 people

- Applications increased by 18%

- Attrition decreased by 13%

- Cost per hire decreased by 40%